Definition Of bluff


(of a cliff or a ship's bow) having a vertical or steep broad front.

Half the barges were away, already sweeping downriver with thin, white mustaches under their bluff bows, when a commotion awoke ashore.

a grove or clump of trees.

A couple of miles north and south the trees thicken up and the farms all have bluffs of trees on them so it is quite scenic.

a steep cliff, bank, or promontory.

Planning the campaign involved myriad geographical factors, including the Mississippi Delta region, streams of various navigabilities, steep banks, and bluffs northeast of the city.

an attempt to deceive someone into believing that one can or will do something.

the offer was denounced as a bluff

direct in speech or behavior but in a good-natured way.

a big, bluff, hearty man

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Example Of bluff

  • A last-minute offer may be a ruse or a bluff but I'm the guy who ought to make that call.

  • A tough, bluff man, he had no desire to relive ancient trouble.

  • Beneath his bluff exterior, he is a narrow-minded reactionary with merely some financial success.

  • Blunt Limerick man and bluff Tipperary man did not enjoy the most harmonious of relationships.

  • Both their livelihoods depend on the ability to bluff and sniff out fraud.

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