Definition Of blotch


an irregular patch or unsightly mark on a surface, typically the skin.

red blotches on her face

cover with blotches.

her face was blotched and swollen with crying

Example Of blotch

  • A red stain spread quickly from one shoulder, blotching the pale yellow blouse she wore.

  • ‘I thought you loved me,’ she whispered, her tears blotching the ink on the paper into little blue snowflakes.

  • Behind, the glass barrier was a starved looking girl in a dirty purple dress ruined with mascara splatters, black tears blotched her face and her high bun was loose and trailing down in tousled strands.

  • By the time I was done, I had ink blotches on my skin, and my hands and wrists were cramped.

  • Failure to do so will cause an uneven blotchy appearance on your teak furniture after you apply the sealant.

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