Definition Of bloodless


(of a revolution or conflict) without violence or killing.

a bloodless coup

(of the skin or a part of the body) drained of color.

his bloodless lips

Example Of bloodless

  • A bloodless revolution is possible, but only if it's supported by a clear majority of the populace, who are no longer afraid to say what they think for fear of being shot.

  • According to this morning's papers, ‘This was a bloodless revolution’ and ‘People power prevailed’.

  • And it was hard enough to think about her in the dream, what with her pale skin and bloodless face.

  • Barney whirls on him and glares - eyes big as goose eggs, lips pursed and bloodless .

  • Beside her in the passenger's seat, Beth clutches her hands together so hard that the fingers are white and bloodless .

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