Definition Of blights


a plant disease, especially one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts.

the vines suffered blight and disease

infect (plants or a planted area) with blight.

a peach tree blighted by leaf curl

Example Of blights

  • Age discrimination leads to erosion of talent, and blights employment opportunities for young and old alike, yet many companies continue to discard valuable knowledge and skills on the basis of age.

  • And, when a hardy variety of yam was introduced experimentally to Europe, to relieve the distress caused by the potato blights of the 1840s, it was grown successfully enough but failed to become popular.

  • ‘The Trashbasher works just as effectively with recycled waste and we are fully behind moves to reduce the amount we send to landfill as well as litter which blights our streets,’ said Mr Illingworth.

  • Biological stress includes insects, viruses, wilts and blights , nematodes, diseases, susceptible varieties, grass types and animals.

  • But Pine-Parc was only one of several blights to hit the Milton-Parc neighbourhood (now better known as the McGill ghetto).

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