Definition Of bleats


(of a sheep, goat, or calf) make a characteristic wavering cry.

the lamb was bleating weakly

the wavering cry made by a sheep, goat, or calf.

the distant bleat of sheep in the field

Example Of bleats

  • A Greens apparatchik phones the station and bleats to the producer.

  • And to promote her movies, Jennifer Aniston, well, bleats on endlessly about her life.

  • And you are president of an organisation which bleats about caring for ladies' football, handball and even rounders!

  • And, he repeats the bleats about how pure and dedicated scientists would never get into ‘showbiz,’ nor would they ever try for a prize.

  • ‘Everything about him was right,’ she bleats , apparently failing to notice that he had a fake plastic face.

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