Definition Of blear


a film over the eyes; a blur.

he forced his eyes open and shut to rid them of blear

dim, dull, or filmy.

a medicine to lay to sore and blear eyes

make dim; blur.

you would blear your eyes with books

Example Of blear

  • Despite the hopes earlier held out to him by the Wife, the Husband can now envisage no alternative to ruin and to the ultimate terror of beggary which, he later says, was the ‘thing I feared. / O, 'twas the enemy my eyes so bleared !’

  • Her vision bleared and she couldn't hear anything.

  • His vision bleared for the last second that he remembered before he fell and everything went black.

  • I frowned as they departed, and turned to my mother and father, sadness blearing up my eyes.

  • I honestly just couldn't read it, my eyes were blearing .

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