Definition Of blazons


a correct description of armorial bearings.

There are rules governing the way a blazon is written, which make it possible for anyone who understands them to draw an accurate rendition of the arms from the blazon .

describe or depict (armorial bearings) in a correct heraldic manner.

The badge for it is blazoned : Per pale sable and argent, three wolf's teeth issuant from dexter and as many from sinister counterchanged.

display prominently or vividly.

they saw their company name blazoned all over the media

Example Of blazons

  • A futuristic yellow ‘He’ is blazoned distractingly across her chest.

  • After all I had the Times logo blazoned all over the sides of my vehicle and it was an Astra.

  • As these heraldic arms became more elaborate, their description or blazon came to acquire its own rules, arcane vocabulary, and concise syntax.

  • At Fonthill the crest and the thirty-six quarterings of Beckford's full coat-of-arms were blazoned on the carpets and painted glass windows.

  • At the time of ‘the greatest manhunt in history’ Galt saw his name blazoned in banner headlines.

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