Definition Of blarny


influence or persuade (someone) using charm and pleasant flattery.

He had blarneyed the Jaguar driver into taking him along.

talk that aims to charm, pleasantly flatter, or persuade.

he had the “street charm” of an Irish politician, but this blarney concealed his inner self

Example Of blarny

  • Although he possesses none of the blarney and bluster of his southern Irish contemporaries, the humour is droll, earthy and occasionally laugh-out-loud.

  • Amid the usual blarney about fitness tests and winning the flag for the crew, it was quite refreshing, really.

  • And this is where the romantic blarney comes in.

  • ‘You're full of blarney boy,’ she said with an affectionate pat on the top of his head.

  • Certainly, for a man short on blarney and long on awkward reflection, his future plans come as something of a surprise.

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