Definition Of blank


(of a surface or background) unrelieved by decorative or other features; bare, empty, or plain.

the blank skyline

a cartridge containing gunpowder but no bullet, used for training or as a signal.

She let the cartridges of blanks drop to the ground and reloaded with live fire.

a dash written instead of a word or letter, especially instead of an obscenity or profanity.

But, more importantly, you'll find a blank for words that should not appear.

a space left to be filled in a document.

leave blanks to type in the appropriate names

an empty space or period of time, especially in terms of a lack of knowledge or understanding.

my mind was a total blank

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Example Of blank

  • A lens blank is marked to show where the cylinder axis will be.

  • About 5 minutes after they leave for their conference, the food will arrive. The waiter looks at you questioningly, and your mind goes blank .

  • All I could offer him was a blank stare, emerald eyes clouded with confusion and apprehension.

  • Another employee had a spreadsheet she was certain was corrupted because it came up completely blank when opened.

  • Applying a levy on blank tapes, MiniDiscs, CD-Rs and the like, and to the hardware that writes data to them, will be resisted.

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