Definition Of bite


(of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something in order to eat it.

Rosa bit into a cupcake

(of a tool, tire, boot, etc.) grip a surface.

once on the wet grass, my boots failed to bite

a sharp or pungent flavor.

a fresh, lemony bite

an act of biting into something in order to eat it.

Stephen ate a hot dog in three big bites

Example Of bite

  • A double impression ' bite ' is made, allowing both the shape of the teeth to be cast and the occlusion to be fixed.

  • a hundred or so retailers should bite

  • A mighty night for all concerned with all present having a bite to eat and then dancing the night away into the early hours!

  • AMD's revival of the concept targets a new audience, one more likely to bite than Western consumers.

  • Another bite reveals the earthy flavours of the Swiss Chard leaves, followed by a piece of crunchy apple.

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