Definition Of bit


(of a person or animal) use the teeth to cut into something in order to eat it.

Rosa bit into a cupcake

(of a tool, tire, boot, etc.) grip a surface.

once on the wet grass, my boots failed to bite

a mouthpiece, typically made of metal, that is attached to a bridle and used to control a horse.

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a small piece, part, or quantity of something.

give the duck a bit of bread

a tool or piece for boring or drilling, typically of metal.

a drill bit

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Example Of bit

  • a bit of cheese

  • A bit of research suggests my initial guess was correct, and it's some Indian Reservation.

  • a drill bit

  • a little bit of information

  • A vet or an equine dental specialist can address any oral problems that may cause the horse to lean or grab onto the bit .

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