Definition Of binding


(of a quantifier) be applied to (a given variable) so that the variable falls within its scope.

In two studies in which readers' eye movements were recorded, we examined the processing of pronouns bound by universal quantifiers.

(of an agreement or promise) involving an obligation that cannot be broken.

business agreements are intended to be legally binding

a mechanical device fixed to a ski to grip a ski boot, especially either of a pair used for downhill skiing that hold the toe and heel of the boot and release it automatically in a fall.

The recipe is simple but tasty: add an ice skating blade with a clip-in ski binding to a skate-ski boot.

a strong covering holding the pages of a book together.

A beautiful book with perfect bindings and 5 star ratings?

cause (people) to feel united.

the comradeship that had bound such a disparate bunch of young men together

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Example Of binding

  • A better understanding is needed of how chemical form affects binding of trace elements to absorption antagonists.

  • A conservation easement is a formal and legally binding agreement that allows the landowner to maintain ownership and use of the land while protecting its natural values indefinitely.

  • According to specialists in labor law, a signed contract is a binding agreement.

  • Adopting the definition of binding domain of Chomsky (1986), it is clear that the subject is in the local domain of the anaphor.

  • All proteges and all mentors are required to articulate individual expectations and goals through a process of open dialogue that results in this binding agreement.

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