Definition Of big



“I'm inclined to take pity on you.” “That's big of you !”

of considerable importance or seriousness.

it's a big decision

of considerable size, extent, or intensity.

big hazel eyes

the major league in a professional sport.

the day he made it to the bigs, he forgot every minor league ballpark he ever played in

Example Of big

  • "I'm not a big sleeper," he declares, adding that his work on the show "isn't hard - just time-consuming."

  • a big apology for the delay

  • All the sideshows and games attracted a lot of support and the bonny baby competition was a big success too.

  • All the tests have proved negative but the sample size is not big enough to draw any firm conclusions.

  • Although his dad has big ambitions for him, financial constraints are a problem.

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