Definition Of bibliophile


a person who collects or has a great love of books.

Though many bibliophiles would love to have a look at this collection, it has not been available in the market for long.

Example Of bibliophile

  • A haven for bibliophiles - mainly because you can browse leisurely without being disturbed - the place has that friendly feel which not every bookstore can boast of, and which probably only booklovers can recognise.

  • A knowledgeable bibliophile , he also assembled a collection of books utilizing various photomechanical processes that he eventually sold to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.

  • And like most other bibliophiles , my secret ambition is to earn a living from running the Perfect Bookshop - with squashy leather couches, warm wooden shelves, home-made cakes and, in my case, luxury yarns in the corner.

  • And some good judges, who regard this exclusive elevation of the first edition as a very parochial limitation on the health and growth of bibliophily , believe also that it will be transitory.

  • And the collectors included not only bibliophiles and affected interior decorators but also biographers of famous men and the thousands of amateurs who participated in the era's terrific quest to collect and compile useful knowledge.

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