Definition Of better


improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement).

bettering his previous time by ten minutes

in good health; free or recovered from illness.

I don't feel very well

more appropriate, advantageous, or well advised.

there couldn't be a better time to start this job

more excellently or effectively.

Johnny could do better if he tried

more suitably, appropriately, or usefully.

the money could be better spent on more urgent cases

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Example Of better

  • A tennis coach shares tennis tips and instruction videos on how to play better tennis.

  • Both the winner and the runner-up will be seen to better advantage over a longer trip.

  • boys are no better than girls at mathematics

  • Breast-fed babies breathe better if mom doesn't have allergies.

  • But it is likely to come with a hefty price tag, and the money may be better spent in a growth sector such as radio.

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