Definition Of bestial


of or like an animal or animals.

Darwin's revelations about our bestial beginnings

Example Of bestial

  • "GGRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr…" was the cue, along with much gnashing of teeth and bestial grunting in a wrathful type manner.

  • And if their de facto support for the old regime weren't clear enough, some of these people are calling for the reinstatement of his bestial police forces.

  • ‘Surely we can celebrate human endeavour in an appropriate way other than raising statues that represent bestial figures of ancient mythology and a goddess of a dead religion,’ said their pastor.

  • But I just do not, cannot understand how anyone could possibly want to kill someone in such a vicious, bestial way.

  • He comes from a country where dogs are very popular - as a delicacy on the dinner table, after they have been killed in the most cruel, vile, inhumane, and bestial circumstances.

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