Definition Of bespeaks


(of an appearance or action) suggest; be evidence of.

the attractive tree-lined road bespoke money

order or reserve (something) in advance.

obtaining the affidavits that it has been necessary to bespeak

speak to.

and in disgrace bespoke him thus

Example Of bespeaks

  • "You fool," she bespoke him as he began to break away, "you'll surely perish in such weather regardless of your Coordinator capabilities".

  • And her patrician demeanour bespeaks her standing in the sport over which she has reigned supreme for a period spanning three Olympics.

  • And when he had found her, he bespoke her in this wise: "Lady, my garden boy hath assuredly gone entirely mad".

  • As one might guess, the double-nature of this film's title bespeaks the double-nature of its narrative, its theme, and its major characters.

  • But this bespeaks a remarkably narrow reading.

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