Definition Of bastard


(of a thing) no longer in its pure or original form; debased.

a bastard Darwinism

a person born of parents not married to each other.

He talked to him and convinced him that this wedding should take place as soon as possible because his bride does not want their son to be born a bastard .

an unpleasant or despicable person.

he lied to me, the bastard!

born of parents not married to each other; illegitimate.

a bastard child

Example Of bastard

  • A shorter trip than usual this week - it's hard to travel with a bastard of a headcold.

  • After all my rabbiting on about the foolishness of those plebs who choose to spurn the way of the Proper Bow Tie, I've had a bastard of a time for the last couple of days figuring out how the heck you actually tie one.

  • After all, it would be disastrous if the people ever found out that she had a bastard child born out of wedlock.

  • After taking ages to get ready, and a bastard of a commute, we were running late.

  • Albert plays Jack, a man who must face up to the fact that he is the bastard child of a rock star.

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