Definition Of basilisk

a long, slender, and mainly bright green lizard found in Central America, the male of which has a crest running from the head to the tail. It can swim well and is able to run on its hind legs across the surface of water.

To find answers, Hsieh and Lauder turned to the basilisk lizard, a skittish tree-dwelling species found in Central America.

Example Of basilisk

  • Basilisk lizards are unique in their ability to run across water from the time they hatch to adulthood.

  • A basilisk lizard, or Jesus lizard, runs across water during an experiment.

  • A lot of the artists who designed the knights coat of arms often used imaginary animals like the basilisk , dragon, unicorn, etc.

  • And as they watched in amazement, Lanyon's skin started taking on a greyish tint, and her hands, raised to ward off the basilisk , froze in place.

  • For I say, fear the fire of dragons and the eye of the basilisk .

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