Definition Of barest


(of a person or part of the body) not clothed or covered.

he was bare from the waist up

without addition; basic and simple.

he outlined the bare essentials of the story

Example Of barest

  • Although a mostly bare production, in that it relied almost entirely on acting rather than stagecraft, this Twelfth Night had elements of the spectacular about it.

  • And yet, for taking the bare minimum steps necessary to save the lives of its citizens in recent years Israel has been mercilessly berated by virtually the entire world.

  • Andrew scoured the bare halls for a possible informant; quickly turning and grasping the arm of a passing soldier.

  • At the riverside, hawthorns, oaks, beeches and other trees stand stark and bare .

  • ‘I need a cup of coffee, and badly,’ he decided as he got out of bed and threw a robe on, covering his bare body.

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