Definition Of barbarous


primitive; uncivilized.

a remote and barbarous country

savagely cruel; exceedingly brutal.

many early child-rearing practices were barbarous by modern standards

Example Of barbarous

  • Acts of barbarous inhumanity are a grim reminder that, in the scheme of things, we are not much above wild animals.

  • As late as 1787, the English agricultural traveller Arthur Young was astonished to find many regions of France still dominated by ‘the common barbarous course’ of the three-field system.

  • ‘If we do have to take military action, we do so in the sure knowledge that we are removing one of the most barbarous and detestable regimes in modern political history,’ he said.

  • ‘The more civilized his object, the more barbarous the worker,’ Marx wrote.

  • ‘These horrific and barbarous attacks on civilians overnight in Casablanca demonstrated a callous disregard for all human life, regardless of nationality,’ he said.

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