Definition Of balletomane

a ballet enthusiast.

Talking of twists, balletomanes will smile at the the doting ‘Ballet Mother ‘that appears a few times.

Example Of balletomane

  • Balletomanes from all corners of the world testify to the prestige and popularity of this world-class event.

  • A group of St Petersburg balletomanes are said to have celebrated their devotion to Taglioni's art by cooking and eating a pair of her shoes.

  • As an avid balletomane , I read Clive Barnes's historical review of the Kirov Ballet's new/old Sleeping Beauty with great interest.

  • ‘It'll be exciting for the confirmed balletomane , but it is also a popular, spectacular piece of dance that will give a lot of people a lot of pleasure,’ says McMaster.

  • I don't experience such balletomania with other ballet companies, but these unique Kirov dancers have constantly renewed my passion in ballet.

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