Definition Of babe


a baby.

Nappies haven't figured large in my life since I was a babe in arms.

a sexually attractive young woman or girl.

he's been pumping up his pecs to impress the babes

an affectionate form of address, typically for someone with whom one has a sexual or romantic relationship.

I'm the golden boy, babe

Example Of babe

  • ‘Aw, I'm sorry, babe ,’ he said, wrapping both arms around her, knowing he'd pushed her a little too far.

  • ‘Don't worry, babe ,’ he reassured his wife though he wasn't as confident as his tone conveyed.

  • ‘Hey babe , just the girl I was thinking about,’ he told her as he pulled her to him in an intimate kiss.

  • ‘I'll miss ya, babe ,’ he blew me a corny kiss as I got out of the car.

  • ‘Luv ya too, babe ,’ he replied casually as she left the apartment.

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