Definition Of axing


cut or strike with an ax, especially violently or destructively.

the door had been axed by the firefighters

end, cancel, or dismiss suddenly and ruthlessly.

the company is axing 125 jobs

Example Of axing

  • Almost 90 members of staff were axed when it was shut down as a result of increasingly competitive market conditions and rationalisation by its owners.

  • ‘Low prices still talk… to lure customers we axed gift-set prices by up to 20 percent,’ she said.

  • BT is axing the upfront costs of signing up to its BT Broadband Basic service as part of a time-limited promo.

  • Car park security staff jobs have been axed at Bradford Royal Infirmary - as hospital bosses try to solve the hospital's cash crisis.

  • Earlier this month the Ryedale Show was axed and others cancelled include shows at Thornton-le-Dale, Huby and Sutton, and Rosedale.

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