Definition Of axe


a musical instrument, especially one played by a jazz or rock musician.

They know how to bang riffs out of their axes well, but it tends to get buried beneath the mediocrity and predictability of their songwriting.

a tool typically used for chopping wood, usually a steel blade attached at a right angle to a wooden handle.

John enjoyed the outdoors, gardening, feeding wild turkeys, his dog, sawing and chopping wood with his axe and swede saw.

cut or strike with an ax, especially violently or destructively.

the door had been axed by the firefighters

end, cancel, or dismiss suddenly and ruthlessly.

the company is axing 125 jobs

Example Of axe

  • A variety of tools are employed for woodcarving, and these include the axe , adze, saw, drill, and hammer, all used in the preliminary stages of roughing out the wood.

  • After the game finished, he was surprised to find the wooden handle of his axe had rotted.

  • an axe blade

  • Another 50 jobs in the finance sector are also facing the axe , many at account level.

  • Clayton Heights post office is one of 17 Bradford branches facing the axe after Post Office Ltd announced major restructuring.

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