Definition Of attatched


(of a person) appointed to an organization or group for special or temporary duties.

he was attached to military intelligence

attribute importance or value to.

he doesn't attach too much importance to radical ideas

fasten; join.

he made certain that the trailer was securely attached to the van

full of affection or fondness.

during his visit, Mark became increasingly attached to Tara

joined or fastened to something.

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Example Of attatched

  • A cheque for £85 is attached , to cover repairs.

  • A copy of these standard documents is attached as appendix B to this report.

  • A retail store opened in November 1995, and an attached restaurant unveiled its tropical menu and white tablecloths three months later.

  • A separate or attached shed serves as a kitchen.

  • A tall, balding man in grungy jeans and a black T-shirt came out of an attached room and grinned as he walked over to them.

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