Definition Of attaches


attribute importance or value to.

he doesn't attach too much importance to radical ideas

fasten; join.

he made certain that the trailer was securely attached to the van

seize (a person's property) by legal authority.

the court attached his wages for child support

Example Of attaches

  • 5 seconds later I realise that I haven't attached my CV.

  • A foreign ministry spokeswoman said in Beijing: ‘The Chinese government attaches great importance to the incident.’

  • Also, attaching documents may give rise to the release of information not intended, hence the importance of vetting attachments.

  • Another remembered Jawaharlal Nehru's words and said that one should not attach too much importance to winning or losing an election.

  • Besides, I didn't really want to attach myself to too many people, just to have them get older on me and then die.

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