Definition Of atrophy


(of body tissue or an organ) waste away, typically due to the degeneration of cells, or become vestigial during evolution.

without exercise, the muscles will atrophy

gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.

her artistic skills atrophied from lack of use

the process of atrophying or state of having atrophied.

gastric atrophy

Example Of atrophy

  • As the body ages, muscles begin to atrophy , slowly being replaced by fat.

  • ‘As with any organic being after death, tissues will decompose and the body will atrophy , making actual measurements change over time,’ Holyoak said.

  • Because of atrophy , cervical stenosis, or other conditions, obtaining satisfactory cervical samples from older women may be difficult.

  • Command and control involves perishable skills that atrophy in the absence of training.

  • Contrast that reality with the medical profession, say, whose practitioners would soon find themselves uninsurable were they to permit their professional knowledge and skills to atrophy .

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