Definition Of astern


(of a ship) backward.

the lifeboat was carried astern by the tide

behind or toward the rear of a ship or aircraft.

the engine rooms lay astern

Example Of astern

  • After securing the boat astern , the remainder of the transit is taken up with preparations for the diving equipment and gear.

  • And as the Tall Ships departed they played for His Royal Highness Prince Willem of Orange during his review of the traditional sailing fleet, which was formed up just astern of HMS Exeter.

  • As I mentioned earlier, some 38s were fitted with a lower helm although visibility astern is very limited and communications with deck hands is nearly impossible.

  • As they were rescued, the crew and a desolate captain watched the ship slip astern into deep water, disappearing from view.

  • Captain Elsper went astern , and as his ship came free tried to head for Tobermory.

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