Definition Of assured



“Certainly not,” was her assured reply

make (something) certain to happen.

victory was now assured

protected against discontinuance or change.

an assured tenancy

tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have.

Tony assured me that there was a supermarket in the village

Example Of assured

  • 7A was occupied on an assured shorthold tenancy, producing £55.

  • Accordingly, we enclose a revised notice of an assured shorthold tenancy, having amended the term commencement date to today's date.

  • Although the property is tenanted, it is tenanted under an assured shorthold tenancy that can be brought to an end by service of a notice within a very short period.

  • Although we are now familiar with the notion that an assured shorthold tenancy gives the tenant a very limited security of tenure, that would not have been the case in 1988.

  • Be assured that our vision is and remains client satisfaction.

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