Definition Of ash


a tree with silver-gray bark and compound leaves. The ash is widely distributed throughout north temperate regions where it can form forests.

The woods most often used for balsamic include chestnut, ash tree , cherry, mulberry, juniper and oak.

an Old English runic letter (so named from the word of which it was the first letter).

the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance.

cigarette ash

Example Of ash

  • A floor so clean you could sprawl on it without having to coat yourself in spilled booze or cigarette ash .

  • A huge plume of ash rose from a volcano in eastern Congo yesterday, raising fears it could once again spew lava over a Congolese town it devastated six months ago.

  • A layer of volcanic ash and dust seems to have protected the ice from subliming away, the researcher said.

  • A pine plotting board and two pairs of dividers in their ash wood case were found nearby.

  • A private ash interment will be held at a later date.

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