Synonyms Of asexual


Definition Of asexual


a person who has no sexual feelings or desires.

without sex or sexuality, in particular.

Here is a sample photo of asexual in vitro fertilized units from the pre-clone series.

Example Of asexual

  • After each catty little spat, we cut to another uneventful rehearsal scene where boys and girls with asexual physiques pirouette weightlessly about the rehearsal room.

  • But several biographers have argued that Barrie was asexual , possibly impotent, and certainly never acted on any improper urges.

  • Consequently, mean fitness at equilibrium is higher in sexual populations than in asexual populations when fitness interactions are negative.

  • During this period, each polyp is capable of budding new polyps though asexual reproduction in spring.

  • Gene discovery has been limited because the organism is an asexual diploid.

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