Definition Of ascent


a climb or walk to the summit of a mountain or hill.

the first ascent of the Matterhorn

an instance of rising through the air.

the first balloon ascent was in 1783

Example Of ascent

  • After the first hour or so of gentle ascent through a lava flow the climb steepens.

  • Ariane 44L carries four large liquid strap-on boosters to augment the launcher's thrust at liftoff and during the initial ascent .

  • As flight director, Mr Noble, who attended Burnley Grammar School and took up ballooning in 1974, was to mastermind the ascent and ensure the pilots return safely to earth.

  • As the balloon began its historic ascent , someone nearby questioned the usefulness of this new invention.

  • At the end of its ascent , the balloon bursts from the lack of air pressure in near space.

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