Definition Of artless


without guile or deception.

an artless, naive girl

Example Of artless

  • A convict has escaped, unwittingly aided by young Julian's artless chatter, and John must be on hand to deal with the situation.

  • An interesting book, Sybil, but Disraeli was not much of a novelist; it reads like spirited and somewhat artless version of Brontë's Shirley, or an abridged and more explicitly class-based Wives and Daughters.

  • Back then, young men and women architects working in the spirit of Ruskin and Morris produced a style that still looks convincing a century on, proving that homes for those at the very bottom of the property ladder do not have to be artless .

  • But I am posturing here, I suppose, when all I should be saying is that plot is not the opium of the artless masses…

  • But it takes real talent to bring out the artless charm and simple wisdom of a babbling, barefoot and pregnant hick, whose only wish in life is to have her high school sweetheart love her the way he did when they were just teens.

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