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a West Indian herbaceous plant from which a starch is prepared.

Indian / South Sea / Polynesian / Tahiti / Hawaii arrowroots are from Tacca leontopetaloides (or, possibly, close relations) One Hawaiian name is pi (not the same as the better-known poi, which is a starch made from taro).

Example Of arrowroot

  • A traditional stabilizer used to be arrowroot , but now agar-agar, carrageen, starches, gelatin, or even pectin are common natural-based stabilizers.

  • Add the arrowroot , cognac, butter, and heavy cream, whisk to combine, and simmer until warmed through.

  • And the list goes on, guinea pepper, aniseed and ginger for gas in the stomach, arrowroot , green tea and lime to stop diarrhoea.

  • Arrowroot, a major cash crop, is used in desserts, including arrowroot sponge cake and arrowroot custard.

  • Bring the lemon juice and sugar to the boil and add the arrowroot and soy sauce, bringing it to a thick sauce consistency.

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