Definition Of arrests


a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion.

a respiratory arrest

attract the attention of (someone).

his attention was arrested by a strange sound

seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.

the police arrested him for possession of marijuana

stop or check (progress or a process).

the spread of the disease can be arrested

the action of seizing someone to take into custody.

I have a warrant for your arrest

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Example Of arrests

  • A sculpture put up in the middle of the hall arrests your attention as you enter.

  • A warrant was issued for the claimant's arrest .

  • Although William Beckford wrote a Gothick romance as reckless and immoderate as himself, his life of epic prodigality would arrest attention had he not written a single line.

  • As yet there is no proven means of arresting the disease's progress, let alone curing it.

  • But that hasn't been enough to arrest a slide in profits.

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