Definition Of aqueduct


an artificial channel for conveying water, typically in the form of a bridge supported by tall columns across a valley.

It seems likely, judging from the sediments in the water channels, that the aqueduct went on supplying water to Nîmes until the early medieval period.

Example Of aqueduct

  • Additional aqueducts have been built, but water is still scarce in some areas of the city.

  • By all accounts it was magnificent settlement supplied with plentiful water from aqueducts powered by windmills.

  • Elaborate systems of aqueducts and ditches brought water from dammed springs to planted terraces, demonstrating engineering and building skills as well as planning and organizing abilities.

  • Even today, residents of desert outposts like Khotan and Korla live as they have for centuries, funneling precious water in ancient aqueducts to fields bursting with grapes and apricots.

  • Finally we visited part of the Roman aqueduct that brought water from the mountains into the city.

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