Definition Of approach


a road, sea passage, or other way leading to a place.

the eastern approach to the town

a way of dealing with something.

we need a whole new approach to the job

an act of speaking to someone for the first time about something, typically a proposal or request.

the landowner made an approach to the developer

come near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance.

the train approached the main line

speak to (someone) for the first time about something, typically with a proposal or request.

the department had been approached about funding

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Example Of approach

  • A downhill runway may cause you to fly a too-high approach , and an overshoot would be likely.

  • After an approach from the north Dubliner, he issued three of his records in 1996.

  • all those changes shall serve to approach him the faster to the blest mansion

  • At the approach of the kidnapper's vessel, a door near the bottom slid open.

  • Businesses should ignore any approach from this firm, and any similar offers.

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