Definition Of anthem


a choral composition based on a biblical passage, for singing by a choir in a church service.

Like his father, Alfonso the younger was well known as a composer of church music, writing English anthems for the Anglican Church as well as motets to Latin words.

a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.

the song became the anthem for hippie activists

Example Of anthem

  • After the reggae anthem Redemption Song and Broken Wings, nobody was left sitting down.

  • And it's made her hit song an anthem for real women.

  • And where his songs were once communal anthems for misfits everywhere, his writing is now so coldly inward-gazing that it excludes the interests of everyone but Morrissey.

  • As I note-bashed hymns, psalms, responses, and anthems for Sunday, I called at times for more sound.

  • Because the song has become an anthem for teenagers, the film will be true to spirit of the song.

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