Definition Of anesthetic


a substance that induces insensitivity to pain.

Supplements that have the potential to cause major complications in perioperative patients are those that prolong bleeding and those that increase sedative effects of anesthetics and analgesics.

inducing or relating to insensitivity to pain.

We investigated mortality in a population of trauma patients who were intubated before reaching hospital without anaesthetic drugs being used.

the study or practice of anesthesia.

Those who work in paediatrics, anaesthetics and surgery work an average of 84 or 85 hours.

Example Of anesthetic

  • anaesthetic drug

  • A senior associate specialist or consultant in anaesthetics provided general anaesthesia.

  • After relieving his pain with a quick nap induced by inhaled anesthetic gas, treatment with heat, fluids and antibiotics could be commenced.

  • Anaesthetists are clinical officers who have trained in anaesthetics for 15 months after a three year foundation health course.

  • Appropriate position can be checked by aspirating through the needle used for instilling the local anesthetic .

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