Definition Of anchors


a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom, typically one having a metal shank with a ring at one end for the rope and a pair of curved and/or barbed flukes at the other.

They rigged two mooring legs on the ship's fantail, consisting of anchors , chain and heavy cable attached to two buoys.

act as an anchor for (a television program or sporting event).

she anchored a television documentary series in the early 1980s

an anchorman or anchorwoman, especially in broadcasting or athletics.

he signed off after nineteen years as CBS news anchor

moor (a ship) to the sea bottom with an anchor.

the ship was anchored in the lee of the island

Example Of anchors

  • And unveiling the Bollywood wardrobe at a press preview here this afternoon was the former Miss India, Gul Panag, who anchors a television show on fashion in one of the leading channels.

  • And we asked whether the broadcast network news anchors are, well, dinosaurs.

  • Are bloggers becoming a thriving alternative to the mainstream media or just a collection of carping critics who live to slam the news outlets, anchors and reporters they don't like?

  • At the bow a pair of traditionally shaped anchors rest inside the ship where the deck has collapsed, the anchor winch having fallen sideways and almost standing on one end.

  • Behind a glass wall at one end is the smallest of Al Jazeera's three broadcast studios, where anchors read five-minute newscasts every hour.

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