Definition Of akindle


(of a hare or rabbit) give birth.

Some rabbit owners are fortunate enough to witness the rabbit kindling .

light or set on fire.

Last night I built the first fire I've kindled in years and it came back to me, that instinctual pull of watching the flames catch, of stirring the embers, and poking the logs until they burn brightly.

Example Of akindle

  • A boy from the Jewish Quarter's religious youth movement kindled the Chanukah lights in large cans on an embankment near the gate.

  • A delicate mission, perhaps, to kindle friendship or extend love, but such is the structure of a psychology burdened by confrontation of animal hunger.

  • A signal fire, kindled with the lens of Piggy's glasses, is established on the mountain to call passing ships to their rescue while shelters are constructed.

  • Barely controlled fury kindled in Kayline's eyes.

  • During this holiday, another tradition has all the fires in the village extinguished, and the ‘Need fire’ is kindled .

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