Definition Of active


(of a person) engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.

I needed to change my lifestyle and become more active

an active form of a verb.

By the way, they discuss many different kinds of bias on the part of the news agency, not just choice between actives and passives.

doing things for an organization, cause, or campaign, rather than simply giving it one's support.

she was an active member of the church

relating to or denoting the voice that attributes the action of a verb to the person or thing from which it logically proceeds (e.g., of the verbs in guns kill and we saw him ).

Be ruthless with clutter, write in the active voice, place each idea into a sentence of its own, and lastly, get your punctuation right.

working; operative.

the old mill was active until 1960

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Example Of active

  • Among older adults categorized as physically active , 24.7 percent engage in strength training.

  • Among the more fit and active , vigorous activity is needed for additional health benefits.

  • An active e-commerce operation has almost no time to spare for restore after a data interruption.

  • An active cascode amplifier circuit which includes an active cascode amplifier and an amplitude limiter.

  • And, frankly, we saw what happened once active operations got under way.

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