Definition Of abridgement

Example Of abridgement

  • an abridgement of Shakespeare's Henry VI

  • ‘Sherburn's abridgment should no longer continue to masquerade as Clarissa in the canon of English literature,’ railed these critics in 1988, bolstered by the recent publication of the Penguin paperback.

  • ‘The supply of abridgments created its own demand,’ Price explains, and she argues that Mrs. Humphrey Ward's nineteenth-century abridgment of Clarissa ‘claimed to respond to modern readers' need for an abridgment like hers.’

  • Clear and informative maps introduce each chapter, and a comprehensive index makes this abridgment very accessible.

  • Domestically, September 11 has sparked debate about the permissible extent of civil rights abridgements in times of national peril.

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