Definition Of ablution

the act of washing oneself (often used for humorously formal effect).

the women performed their ablutions

Example Of ablution

  • Abdel-Wahed was in the yard doing his ablutions before prayers when a sniper bullet hit him.

  • Alarmingly, I have experienced a number of electrical shocks whilst performing my morning ablutions close by to the tiny bulbs.

  • Along one wall men sat on marble blocks in front of taps for people to perform their ablutions - washing feet, arms up to the elbow, rinsing nose and eyes - in preparation for prayer.

  • As far as I'm concerned, if a spider is in the bath you must remain absolutely silent when going about your ablutions otherwise it will launch itself into the air and latch onto your head.

  • As I was rounding off my weekly ablutions in the bath today, I reached for the pumice stone to scrub my soles.

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