Definitions Of figure


a number, especially one that forms part of official statistics or relates to the financial performance of a company.

official census figures

a person's bodily shape, especially that of a woman and when considered to be attractive.

she had always been so proud of her figure

a shape defined by one or more lines in two dimensions (such as a circle or a triangle), or one or more surfaces in three dimensions (such as a sphere or a cuboid), either considered mathematically in geometry or used as a decorative design.

a red ground with white and blue geometric figures

a short succession of notes producing a single impression.

Their textures are dominated by right-hand melodies against chordal accompaniment figures .

be a significant and noticeable part of something.

the issue of nuclear policy figured prominently in the talks

calculate or work out (an amount or value) arithmetically.

You won't even have to rack your brains over calculating taxes since they've already figured it out for you on the menu.

represent (something) in a diagram or picture.

varieties of this Cape genus are figured from drawings made there

the form of a syllogism, classified according to the position of the middle term.

think, consider, or expect to be the case.

I figure that wearing a suit makes you look like a bank clerk