Definitions Of fiddles


a contrivance, such as a raised rim, that prevents things from rolling or sliding off a table in bad weather.

A fiddle is the guardrail that keeps objects like eyeglasses or ashtrays from falling off the ledge.

a violin, especially when used to play folk music.

This tradition is still at the heart of their music, with the female voices front-lining the instrumental textures of fiddle , guitars, accordion, bass and percussion.

an act of defrauding, cheating, or falsifying.

a major mortgage fiddle

falsify (figures, data, or records), typically in order to gain money.

everyone is fiddling their expenses

play the fiddle.

he fiddled with the band from 1949 to 1951

touch or fidget with something in a restless or nervous way.

Laura fiddled with her cup